Wednesday, October 3, 2007

James Patterson

I love James Patterson's books - they are very silly but they are very involving, and best of all each chapter is about 2 pages long - perfect for my attention span. The Alex Cross books are great, even though I can never remember who's who in his family and if his wife is still dead or not (that's not a spoiler, she's always been dead).
I'm not enjoying the Women's Murder Clubs Books so much though (or whatever they're called). I don't think he writes women very well, it all seems very forced, and with Cindy, Claire, Jill and Britney (I made that last one up) it feels like I'm reading about the Bratz. But ah well, it's a quick read.
I also love the way he crams in a popular music reference as if he's desperately trying to be trendy. There's always a 'Phyllis puts on a (insert trendy artist) CD as she makes love' reference. He even included Tori once!

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