Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Great TV

My favourite show at the moment is Classical Star on BBC2 on Tuesdays. To say it's X-Factor meets classical music is to really under-sell it, as it is such a classy programme. 9 highly talented young classical musicians all competing for a record deal. It's so, so good, and there have been some shocking departures each week (Ben the flautist in week one, who arrogantly thought he was the Robbie Williams of the classical world, and tonight the young Russian violinist who was so, so good). Best moment so far was Emily playing the funeral piano song to a group of youngsters and one member in the audience bursting into tears.
So I reckon Tyler to win, or the Irish pianist girl.
Just two weeks left - try and catch it next week.
And I don't just watch TV - I did do some O Men tonight.

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