Monday, October 29, 2007

Being preached at

I just watched Crash yesterday - the Sandra Bollock movie that won the Oscar.
I mean, it was okay and it kept me entertained, but jesus, stop preaching at me in every single scene! everyone stop getting so worthy and haughty about where you're from!
It was kind of a mess of a film - every scene was just so annoying and 'challenging'. And was it really that worthy? Is the best thing to happen to Sandra's character to fall down the stairs? And yeah right, so everyone just bumped into each other like that.
And what's with the pop videoes at the end? And did Thandie Newton tell her hubby about her 'explosive' day? He didn't seem that bothered that she almost got blown up.
I didn't really get this film - and I think it could have benefited from an extra hour maybe.
But that crap beat Brokeback Mountain for Best Film? C'mon...


Rol Hirst said...

Yes, but Brokeback Mountain was a gay film. The Academy can't be seen to be giving awards to gay films - where would it end? Riots in the streets of middle America.

Instead, we'll give it to this overhyped TV movie with the blunt trauma message "racism is bad, m'kay". Yeah.

kelvingreen said...

Yeah, Crash is awful. Its fans see it as a film that tackles the thorny problem of racism, when if fact it's just a film with racist characters in it. There's a key difference there, but one the Academy doesn't see, apparently.

Great soundtrack though.

Then again, I didn't think much of Brokeback either, to be honest.