Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Sob Factor

So the X-FActor final 12 have been decided for this year. Two things surprise me - first, that they're actually doing X-Factor this year, considering last year's was so disappointing, and secondly that they haven't learned from their mistakes. Those wretched sob stories! 'I live at home with my mom!' 'I've got a job I don't like' Shut up!!! And the woman whose father sent the application form in just before he died - stop it! Stop talking about your dad - you're just making a mockery of it.
Honestly, this year's finalists all seem totally on the verge of nervous breakdowns - it's incredible!
MInd you, there's somethign to be said for it, i guess. The finalists are all teh cryers, and we got to know them, while the rejects all seemed generally happy and didn't show much emotion, and maybe they just didn't show they wanted it enough.
So of course now the next stage takes place, and these poor guys get thrown to the wolves. I really don'tt hink Sharon's girls stand a chance, along with people like NIki. Oh dear, more tears ahead...

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