Saturday, October 13, 2007

I did a drawing

I did a drawing! My first one since, hm, July, I think. Well done me.
It's kinda based on a shot from the amazing Death Proof movie, and it shows my O-ladies Kelly, Molly, Mary and Grace having a little ride out - and they won't be meeting up with Stuntman Mike, don't worry.
As a car piccie, it's kind of my apology for that abysmal car sequence in O Men 2.4, which was universally panned ha ha (even though I actually used photo reference for it!!)
While I'm on the subject of Death Proof - I was watching Kill Bill earlier today, and in the anime sequence where the Deadly Assassination Squad kick the shit out of the Bride - it's a neat little reference to the cicle-punch ending of Death Proof. Very neat.
Oh and am I the only one to notice that some of the girls from DP pop up in Planet Terror?


Tara said...

Nice one, M!!! I noticed the cameos too :)

Mart said...

i don't understand why there were only 3 of the girls there though, and ooooo they walked off!!!

Rol Hirst said...

I like how you totally avoided drawing the car.

Have you seen PT? How?

Mart said...

lol!!! well in my defence, there is barely any of the car in the photo i cribbed this from. at least you got a steering wheel. i think i've got a phobia of cars.
and of course, this pic 'throws up' my other weakness - hands lol.

PT - well both DVDs are out in the US and a mate at work had a copy. i didn't like it :-(

kelvingreen said...

I've completely lost touch with the Grindhouse release. What's out here? When's the other one coming out? What's going on?