Friday, October 26, 2007

Heroes season two (no spoilers)

Heroes season two is really testing my patience at the moment. I've just watched episode 5.
A review of the first episodes in Entertainment Weekly recently was hilarious and so true. 'Hiro's in feudal Japan. Claire's trying to fit in in High School. Peter is in ireland. Which week is this? Every fricking week.' It has been a bit monotonous, with only a few decent flying scenes waking me up from time to time...
What are they doing??
And some of it just isn't very well done. I'm not gonna even mention the Irish scenes/accents, which are beyond appalling. New character Monica (I think) has a great power, but it's coming across a bit laughable. Hiro is becoming a bit irritating. And why do they do the white-eye thing when you can clearly still see their pupils? And some of the 'new' powers - well I don't like that idea...
And where has this virus story come from all of a sudden? And where are half the characters in each episode? And why does Dania Ramirez keep pulling funny faces?
Mohinder needs to go - his acting is appalling. And Matt is making me laugh so much. He's all very gay - living with Mohinder, and then just having a 'sweaty session' with Nathan in this episode.
Also, part of the story is too Watchmen (as last year's was too Days of Future Past - and the writers still claim not to be comic fans).
I'm not sure why it's not working this year so much. I'm hoping it's gonna pick up soon. At least Kristen Bell is in it now...
Oh and I have come under so much flak on Facebook for writing Statuses like 'Martin is glad Simone is dead, she is so boring' and 'Martin is sad that Eden is dead'. I mean, c'mon, this is season one! Everyone's seen it!! Jeeez! I wait til it's been on BBC2! It's not as if I give away a season two spoiler like '**** is gonna *** in episode **!!!'


kelvingreen said...

Mohinder is awful. Not only is he an awful actor and a boring character, but he delivers those dire voice-overs which explain the "theme" of the episode for the thickies in the audience. Gah!

JamieB said...

Has that episode been on BBC2 already? I must have fast-forwarded through that bit if it has -- I fast-forward through 40-50% of the average episode, 'cos I'm still not caring about most of the characters. (That said, I watched all of the latest BBC3-pace episode; but, then, it focussed on only a few of the characters and told us a lot of backstory to boot.)

As to responsibility re: spoilers? Seems to me that a UK-based mag. hoping to cater to a UK-based readership really shouldn't be dropping spoilers in print on on-line for eps/shows that haven't aired in the UK yet, but individuals writing on their own blogs/websites? No.

Mart said...

actually i just watched eps 3 and 4 of season two again.
it wasn't too bad.
i guess it depends on what you expect. i'm kinda wanting a bit more excitement and suspense and shocks, but it's still really well written and has some good moments. just not particularly great moments.
and there are some surprisingly cack-handed moments too.

kelvingreen said...

Yes, I find that Heroes veers from excellent to rubbish on a weekly basis. Sometimes in the same episode. It's quite frustrating, as when it's good, it's better than Lost. Actually, when it's rubbish, it's better than Lost, but I digress.