Saturday, October 6, 2007

FOPP is back!

you know when things start to go wrong - and everything seems to go wrong - and then something else adds to the woes - like the awesome record shop FOPP closing.
well i popped into town today and, lo and behold, they've reopened it - yay! i mean, only 6 branches have opened in the UK, but jeez better than none. treated myself to two Sonic YOuth albums - a fiver each - a band i've always wanted to investigate, but never heard them. but now i can, thanks to fopp!!!


kelvingreen said...

Have they run into troubles then? The one down here seems to have gone unchanged.

Mart said...

really? i thought the brighton one had closed.
yeah apparently they were selling things so cheaply that they were losing a lot of money so they all had to close. but apparently hMV have now stepped in to save just six stores.
it's a sorry state of affairs, all this - apparently we;re now down to just virgin and hmv - and virgin are having a name-change soon - zigoff or soemthing??? seriously!
mind you, maybe i'm to blame, now that i download CDs (legally) instead of buying CDs.

kelvingreen said...

This must all have happened very quickly then, as I didn't notice the Brighton one closing. Then again, I'm not too observant sometimes!

For example, I didn't know HMV owned Fopp.