Saturday, October 6, 2007

Death Proof

Finally got round to seeing Death Proof today - and i am still buzzing from it - wow!
It's completely daft, completely irritating (less talk puh-lease!) but when it gets going it's absolutely awesome. That crash scene - you'll know the one i mean - with teh Hold Tight music - is just so stunning.
I think it's a movie you have to be on the same wavelength with. I adored the actors and the acting in this film - it was so un-movie-like, so natural. I adored the silliness of the focus on Jungle julia simply sending a text message (c'mon, don't we all mis-spell stuff lol) and the music in this movie just rocked. Even Vanessa Ferlito's lap-dance scene was superb - and this is a woman whose face has terrified me since 24 season three.
I can't wait to watch it again, and I definitely can't wait to watch Planet Terror!

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