Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Big Bro

I am a huge reality TV fan, and I used to be a massive Big Brother fan too. I only missed one episode in the first four years! However, recently, it’s lost a bit of its impact, and I barely even bothered with it last year (okay, well that’s not strictly true – I kind of had it on in the background a lot).
However, I have got to say, I’m utterly addicted this year!!! ‘Spitgate’ was jaw-dropping TV, and the way some of the housemates have evolved is amazing – Mario has gone from laughing stock to hero, jen from bland to bitch. Spitgate itself was shocking TV – I don’t personally think Dennis actually spat on Mohamed, but he deserved to be booted out purely because of his awful attitude. Still, I don’t quite agree he was one of the vilest contestants ever (quote from the producers) – surely that was Alex, who was booted out the week before.

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