Saturday, July 19, 2008

Luna Bore-thers

Ultra was great, Girls was fantastic (apart from being dragged out too long), but The Sword... I'm not convinced by the Luna Bros new one...
Each issue seems like a chore to get through, the set-up is fairly dull, the characters aren't that intriguing... Can you end this please guys, and move onto something more interesting? Ta!


JamieB said...

Lord, but the characters are whiny! I enjoyed the first few issues, but since then...? How many more scenes of the villains arguing with each other on the phone are we going to have to endure??? Whiny, whiny, whiny!

Mart said...

it's not just that - the dialogue and scenes are way too wordy and go on forever!
I hope this series ends soon, so they can do something else, but it'll prob go to 24 issues :-(