Saturday, July 19, 2008

Watching the Watchmen

Have you seen it yet?
The Watchmen trailer?
Fuuuuck! It's so good! Everything about it 10 out of 10. Cannot wait.
It's gonna be crap isn't it...


kelvingreen said...

Yep, it's going to be crap. of course it is. The trailer does nothing for me, either; it looks cheap.

Mart said...

i loved the trailer - a lot of it looks exactly like scenes from the comic (except more sophisticated). dr manhattan looks incredible - and i love the scene where he's kissing silk spectre - and the final shots as the music dies down beautifully
love it - why dontcha like it?

kelvingreen said...

Like I said, it looks cheap and tacky. The lighting is terrible, for a start. And while I think the shot-for-shot thing works with Miller's art, because he's so kinetic, I'm not sure it works in this case. Watchmen was so very much an exercise in comic book language that transferring it, as is, to the screen strikes me as a pointless task. It would be like making an adaptation of Oliver Twist, by just filming the pages of text.

Unlike Terry Gilliam, I don't think Watchmen is unfilmable, but I do think it's rather unadaptable as is. Ironically, Snyder is going to have to dumb it down to make it work on film, but in slavishly following the original comic panels, he's going to end up pulling in the opposite direction.

dave said...

I think the choice of music sucks big style. What's next, Nightowl has hair straiteners in his belt while Rorshac self harms himself cos his mum don't understsand him while Doctor Manhattan can't get his skinny jeans above his arse?

Visually it looks cool though. I'm not judging until I've seen it

Mart said...

oh my poor Watchmen trailer!
Rorsharch reminds me of Batman a lot - and do you think the 'Studio' will let him get killed at the end?

JamieB said...

Film: turkey in the making
Trailer: music is crap (soooo youtube), and the pace is off, but I liked the visuals; don't know that I'd want to see an entire Watchman movie in this style, but this was an arresting two-minute clip.

Mart said...

I seem to be in the minority!!