Wednesday, July 2, 2008


After the snooze-fest of Lisey's Story, the slightly disappointing Cell and the fairly pointless Blaze, I'm happy to say I'm loving S. King's latest - Duma Key! Really, really into it - although it does stray a little bit into Dorian Grey/Death Note territory. Anyone else read it? Rol?
Although I must say, the guy still needs an editor. Too much!
It's no classic - we'll never get another Misery or Stand, I don't think - but it has restored my faith a bit.
And I must say - yes, we all know the guy had a nasty car crash, but does he have to work elements of it into every of his books now? Duma Key's Edgar's recovery therapy is obviously all real.
In the meantime, I'm still enjoying seeing the new King covers that are coming out - take a look - although I think the Tommyknockers one totally spoils the ending!


Rol said...

I'm waiting on the paperback because I'm a cheapskate.

I did just read his son's book though - not bad.

Hope you get all your data recovered by the PC World chimps.

Mart said...

Oh I know what you mean - i got mine from the library though! Mind you, carting this huge hardback to work and back is not much fun. I'll get the snazzily-covered paperback when it comes out. I got a freebie of the Blaze hardback, but the paperback looks much nicer...

I liked Heart Shaped Box. Twentieth Century Ghosts looks awesome - the title alone is cool.

I hope so too :-(
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