Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lost again 2

I'm quite enjoying having BT Vision. I don't really miss Sky at all - too many channels! One of the good things about BT Vison is that its ON Demand service has got the first three seasons of Lost on it, which I've mentioned before that I'm watching again - I wonder if I'll actually like season two the second time...
So far, so good - the first ep is so spectacular. And so far it hasn't been frustrating - nothing contradicted yet or not many forgotten unanswered questions.
A lot of Jack's dead father in ep 5 - was Jacob really around so far back? Shame they didn't explore him more between then and season five.
I'm hoping that when we find out what's going on with the remaining islanders in season five we get a lot more shit going down - like the Whispers, which have never been fully explored.
And please, please - can we get Rousseau's back story...

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