Saturday, July 12, 2008

Comics r gr8

I feel like a kid again... Just come back from a shopping trip in Croydon and bought tons of comics in a 25p-each sale!!! A Place in Space are having a back-issues clear-out. It's been ages since I came back home with so many. Almost 20 comics for 4 quid!
Some of Perez' recent Avengers run, some Byrne FFs, and nostalgically best of all the Assistant Editor's month issue of the Avengers (remember those?), an issue of the Defenders before it came New Defenders (one of my fave comics of all time), and Dcotor Strange 60 from 1983 - a comic which I read on the evening I burst my appendix and which I subsequently lost to the school bully.
Also, always nice to come home with the new Powers and Walking Dead, Astonishing X-Men should be interesting, and I'm really hooked on the Secret Invasion stuff - issue 4's art is beautiful.
And on another comic-related matter, I am now 100% happy with my SPANDEX line-up - I'd had a few concerns about some of the characters - so I've had a bit of a rearrangment and clear-out and I think I'm all good to go now.


Rol said...


Although I do prefer trades these days, the nostalgic kid in me probably wouldn't have been able to pick up a few myself - comics so cheap you can buy them then lose them or give them away... as cheap again as they were when I was a kid!

Sadly, it's a poor indictment of the back issue market, which really is dead these days apart from key issues.

Mart said...

yeah it's kinda sad that we've collected all these comics - which were worth something at one point - and they prob aren't worth much now...