Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bye bye Y

Just finished reading the final Y the Last Man trade - what a cool series. Not my all-time fave ever, but a good, solid read. Plenty of twists and turns - especially in this final collection. Only probs with this series were that it was a bit too violent in places - and some of the issues - where they did different kinds of things - were a bit of a waste of time.
I must say though - I absolutely adored Pia Guerra's artwork. Just really clean and simple - probably no life-drawing involved - just really effortless and beautiful.
(Speaking of effortless and beautiful art - this just came into my head - I do wish Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez would give up on love and rockets and come up with a new mega-series!!! Does anyone still care about L+R? I mean, I'll prob get the new annual L+R, but it'd be nice to see something new.)

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