Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pardon my French

I'm really really sorry.
But this is going to make me feel better...
I like Big Brother - although it has got a bit tired over the past few years, and they really need to realise that the more they mess with the format, the more they ruin the show.
But anyway, this year it's been quite entertaining, and quite shocking, as there's been a contestant called Alex who is quite simply unbelievably nasty - utter, utter scum. She moans all the time, she picks fights with every single person, she's a hypocrite, she hates a guy in there purely - from what i can see - because he's white, she dislikes a Muslim guy cross-dressing because it's 'disgusting' and is a bad example (even though, as an apparent Muslim herself, she swears, drinks, wears revealing clothes and, as you'll see, makes death threats), she's utterly transparent, and...thank god, today, she was evicted from the house for threatening behaviour (threatening the other housemates' families for nominating her). She almost makes me forget my dislike of Zooey Deschanel for a short time. During a couple of her arguments she's actually made me want to climb inside the TV and give her a good punch in the face.
So here is where the french comes in...
Alex - you're a horrible, nasty, two-faced, pathetic, racist, homophobic cunt, and good riddance to extremely bad rubbish.

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