Monday, June 23, 2008


I'm loving my BT Vision. I'm probably being ripped off, and it's prob not that much different to Freeview, but like Sky Plus, you can just select a series and it can record it for you onto the box itself. I do have a DVD recorder but it does beat having to log in all the times and stuff.
Whether it's worth it, I dunno. I really wanted to go for Freeview but got talked into BT Vision lol. I basically pay a fiver a month for the 'TV Pack', which has lots of series stored on it - including Lost, which I had planned to buy, but can now watch from the start.
One thing that is a bit annoying - the 'TV Replay' service isn't free! This is a bit daft really because it's only the same as 4OD and the i-player, so why you should pay a quid to watch an ep of Deal or No deal you missed is beyond me.
Mind you, the whole i-player thing baffles me anyway. It's a great service, but doesn't it mean that some scoundrels who don't pay their license get to watch stuff for free? Can't they have a log-in feature where you type in your license number?
They should scrap the stupid TV license anyway.

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