Monday, June 2, 2008

The joys of downloading...

I've never been a huge downloader - mainly because I don't know which sites to go on...
I remember smugly watching my workmates as they were called into my boss' office to be hauled over the coals for downloading stuff at work - only to then be called in myself and bollocked - my chum had given me the new Madonna album but I didn't realise it was one of those torrent thingys. I just said "honestly boss, i'm too stupid to know how to do that..."
i must say, i generally don't download stuff these days - but I've started to dabble. The odd album has crossed my computer path - and you know what...surely this is the way to go. I mean, you get the pretty picture for your ipod, that you don't get with the CD... You get it miles earlier than when it hits the shops... You even get extra tracks - in the case of the new Martha Wainwright and Alanis albums I've been 'lent'.
I've now taken to watching Lost online because let's face it, you need to watch it before someone spoils it for you. And in the process I discovered a lovely little site called - very good, check it out ;-)

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