Monday, June 23, 2008

Gosh Comics

Dropped some O Men 2.6s into Gosh Comics yesterday. Gosh is the only shop I give O Men to - mainly because I am too lazy to go round all the shops (which is prob stupid, as Orbital give you all your earnings, instead of taking a percentage).
They've changed their system though - before it was 'sale or return' and they'd take 30% off the cover price (sale or return is quite brutal - you'd go into Gosh and get all excited because you think your comic is sold out, but in reality they've just taken it off the shelf).
Now they pay up-front - which is nice - it's called 'firm sale' - but they now take 50%. Ah well, I still price my O Men quite high up for the shops (it's cheaper from my website). Got a nice fiver out of it!


JamieB said...

I saw 2.6 on the shelf in GOSH! on Sunday!

Mart said...

Oh man, I'm jealous lol! I love seeing my O Men on the shelf.