Monday, January 21, 2008


Okay, how long have Peter Parker and Mary Jane been married. Have a guess.
Apparently it's 20 years!!! 20 years! I can't believe it!
Lots of controversy recently about the whole PP/MJ thing - altho I don't really read Spidey any more so I can't really comment (in case you didn't know - the Devil has wiped MJ from PP's life, so that Aunt May can live). All I can say is that the guys kind of do belong together - but also Peter really should be single and unhappy - that's the whole point! So it's a tough call. Here's maybe where comics should join the real-time and we could now be reading the adventures of PP's teenage son.
Real-time comics eh? What would happen to Power Pack. The whole idea of them is that they are kids, but they can't stay kids forever (and Julie seemed pretty grown up in The Losers).
Oh god what am I talking about.


Andrew James said...

There's nowt wrong with the concept of 'Brand New Day', and Peter should probably stay young and single forever and ever and ever and ever, but the execution of 'One More Day' was a stinker.

Oh, and MJ is still around, as the Devil only ate their marriage. Of course. She's just not going to pop up again after the first BND until the ratings need a boost.

And if you do want to read the 'real-time' adventures of Peter, MJ, et al, there is a little book called Spider-Girl, remember? I used to quite like that, even if it was horrendously old-fashioned and overwritten in parts. Seeing how Peter had his leg blown off in his final confrontation with the Green Goblin was quite fun, and the Sean McKeever fill-in issue from #51 is still one of my favourite superhero comics *ever*.

Oh Sean, how the mighty have fallen (when they went to DC).

After reading the first issues of BND, I count myself convinced, as they are actually pretty good Spidey comics (even if Dan Slott needs to WRITE LESS occasionally, especially in a panel featuring Spidey espousing no less than three speech balloons while crashing through a skylight).

Fairly damning that the editorial notes on the current issue point you towards ASM#67-70 from the early 1970s, though, isn't it? What college kid (target audience) is going to have those just lying around? I mean, yes, Essentials, but still...

I'm a bit worried for Ultimate Spider-Man now, though... The two titles two have a largely distinct flavour (and USM still feels like the more modern of the two, even though they've both basically been rebooted into a contemporaneous world), but with Jeph Loeb readying his putrid spud-guns to pepper Ultimatum or whatever it's called with another dose of his fossilised approach to storytelling, I'm hoping they're not just going to shut up shop on the whole Ultimate U.

Though having said that, USM is the only one I read anymore, so, hey, go ahead, just don't touch Bendis in an uncomfortable place.

Speaking of terrible writing (and here I mean Loeb, not Bendis), I picked up The End League at the weekend, and it was truly awful. I mean, the suckiest thing I have read in a really long time. The character names were probably the icing on a cake baked of turds, though - it was as if Rick Remender had scoured through the dictionary for the longest, most unnatural-sounding synonyms for established Marvel and DC characters, and then somehow made them longer and MORE uncomfortable to say. And some of the clunkiest dialogue I've had the misfortune to witness.

Please, creators, if I never see another Superman-analogue-in-a-post-apocalyptic-future-that-is-all-his-fault story, it will be too soon. Just stop.

Rol Hirst said...

Kelvin forced me to blog about this, and I burned out everything I had to say. ;-)

Still, it's all over now.

Mart said...

rol i will read your blog.

andrew - what is the end league?
have you written on your blog yet?

i loved joe quesada's art on OMD though. beautiful and innovative.