Thursday, January 31, 2008

Interesting Things

Some interesting thngs came out of conversations with 'frolleagues' at lunchtime...
1) You can see clips of the horrible ghost 'Pipes' from that terrifying BBC thing Ghostwatch here:
Aaargh! (I only spotted him once originally)
2) Apparently there is a ghost in Three Men and a Baby! Check this out - the little boy in the window at about 35 seconds - aaaargh!
3) And finally, there is a very snarky interview with Keeping Up Appearances' Clive Swift in the Kylie/Tennant cover Doctor Who Mag issue. The interviewer and Swift obviously instantly hated each other, and the interviewer decided to run the transcript as is - showing Swift to be a bit of a twat. All very interesting...!


JamieB said...

3) And just a bit unprofessional, no...?

Mart said...

at the end of the day, yes, i guess so. if the purpose of the interview is to get people to watch the christmas episode/publicise it, then it's stupid.
but i can imagine the guy was an idiot - and to be honest, the best mags do something a little bit off the wall - and this was a little bit off the wall. i'd rather read that page than some of the stuff i've put out there lol!