Monday, January 21, 2008

Boring Evil

I'm playing Resident Evil Outbreak 2 at the moment. My god, it's rubbish. So boring, barely any zombies in it. Has anyone else played it? Maybe it's better if you play it 'online' (which is something I don't do).
Honestly though, so slow - and I'm now stuck on a level where I'm just walking round and round a brown corridor. I'm actually playing it with a walk-through, because I just want to finish it!
I'm sad that I had to give up on a few other games because I just got totally stuck - He Man (stuck and no walk-throughs are available), Gun (got stuck on a hard bit and ran out of 'ammo') and Ghost Hunter (I made a mistake and I can't be arsed going back to sort it out - it'll take ages).

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Tara said...

Go get Bioshock!!! It's awesome!