Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fanzine of the Month

How COOL! O Men is SFX's Fanzine of the month (in the new issue, Primeval cover). They ran a nice review and a pic of the cover an' all (something i always wished Comics International would have done). That has made my day!
Here is the review:
The first run of Brit superhero comic The O Men was met with a great deal of praise fro comics websites and various magazines, and the second season, which kicked off in May 2006, has kept the standard high. It sees the O Men team, which had been all but obliterated in the first season, tentatively reformed while the survivors deal with the fallout, and introduces some new characters along the way. Issue five is a peculiar beast, an anthology which combines the backstory for new character Asylum with those of various other characters in a really quite ingenious way. You really do need to read the previous issues – the first three of season two have been collected into a single comic, available from the official site for £5 – but The O Men is a solidly constructed and captivating read that’s well worth the investment.


JamieB said...

Congrats, Mart -- so is SFX forgiven? :)

Mart said...

thanks - i am so pleased - especially that they showed the cover too - something Comics International (where the fuck is Comics International) never did, to my memory (altho Dez did give me a couple of free ads, so i think i'll shut up)

mav said...

Comics International has run covers in the past, maybe not of your comic, but it definitely has run a few and it was something they wanted to do regularly. And it's been off the shelves for a while due to new ownership and new schedules, just teething problems I think.

kelvingreen said...

There should be a new CI out fairly soon, so I'm told. They're collecting articles and stuff at the moment.

Congratulations on the nod in SFX too! About time!

Mart said...

well i never sent them a copy before, so it was about time i sorted myself out lol.

i wish CI would get back on track.