Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Disappointing comics

This Christmas I really indulged in vegging out and reading comics (well, there wasn’t much else to do with a bad cold!). You’ll have seen my 100 Bullets thoughts - I also read the complete Alan Moore WildCATS collection - which I’d been saving up for months and was dying to get into. Er, was this really written by Alan Moore? It’s got none of his style and none of that ‘x-factor’ that makes you realise what a genius Moore is. Maybe it’s the ropey art that doesn’t help.
Also reading the first Age of Apocalypse X-Men trade - bloody hell. I know my X-Men inside out, but I really had to concentrate to follow this. I never read this originally as it was in my X-Men wildnerness years - I abandoned the X-books when they started doing too many crossovers and when Joe Madieura started doing the art. It’s interesting that a few more things make sense now - like the relevance of having an Astonishing X-Men team, the look of Sunfire, and the importance of Blink.
These disappointments remind me of when I bought the huge Bone collection - and was soooo bored reading it.

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