Thursday, January 10, 2008

Martin Hijack

My friends will know that I am a huge Big Brother fan - well, sort of - I wasn't really fussed by the last series. I wasn't going to watch the new series - Big Bro Celebrity Hijack... but guess what, I'm hooked.
Because of last year's racism controvery, they decided not to do a normal Celebrity Big Bro this year - and have instead gone for a series featuring lots of 18-21 year olds and a different celebrity being Big Bro each day.
So far it's been really impressive, despite a bit of an over-rated misfire of a first night with Matt Lucas (he made the first housemate wear an earpiece and carry out his silly instructions, and I don't think it really worked). Alan Cumming - not my fave person - was lovely and ratty with them, Russell Brand was very funny, and Kelly Osbourne really connected with them.
There's one unsettling thing about all this though. The celebs come in for a whirlwind Big Bro shift, full of energy and fresh - and they essentially pick on a housemate or tell them what they really think of them. For these housemates who are cut off from reality it must be such a shock, and I think it's a bit cruel. For instance, contestant Jade (no, not that one) asked Kelly Osbourne what she thought of her, and Kelly said 'a bit irritating'. Jade was really upset, and it must really have made her think about how she was being perceived. Russell Brand decided to pick on Jeremy all day - and yeah, funny etc, but poor guy, what's he supposed to do? I heard Chris Moyles discuss his evil plans to mess with their minds - and I just though, don't!!!

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