Friday, January 11, 2008

Battlestar season three

Fiiinally seen the BSG season three finale (3-episode marathon tonight). Don't worry, no spoilers (spoiling BSG should be made a criminal offence).
Must say, I was disappointed by the season, and looking online, I'm not the only one. Very weak run of episodes, making it a real struggle to get through.
Great to have four more Cylons revealed (I'd been spoiled on one of them, but 2 were pleasant surprises, the other is meh), but it was pretty obvious what was going on very early on in the story, and why these 4 were acting in a certain way.
So re the four Cylons - **** should make for some interesting storylines, ***** is an okay choice - let's hope he kills his annoying wife, love love love the female revelation - she rocks (although instead of having her as a bewildered new Cylon, I'd have preferred her to be totally evil!), and the other guy is meh, altho I guess he is hooked up with someone who will not be happy!
So their identities totally blew my theories out of the water. I thought they might have been a couple of people who died early in the season - and some of the new faces that popped up over recent episodes.
All in all though, seriously, what the frak are they doing with all the Earthly-origin stuff? We're now expected to believe they have a legal system exactly like ours? They have pop songs from Earth? THEY HAVE A GUY WITH AN IRISH ACCENT??? I just don't get it.
Pretty exciting that there is one more Cylon to reveal. Personally, I think it might be Felix or Duala.
But anyway, glad that ******** turned up in the final moments. Thank frak! They had me worried.


JamieB said...

But are any of these Earth references to be taken any more literally than the fact that they speak "English", Mart? Aren't all these things just stuff "translated" into a "language" (visual, aural) that we can understand? (although where "frak" fits into that picture, I don't know :))

kelvingreen said...

I'm not following it especially closely (I prefer the original), but I think the stuff with the songs and stuff is quite deliberate, and they have an explanation in mind, beyond implausible coincidence.