Monday, November 5, 2007


Some quick reviews!
Medal of Honor: Frontline - I finally finished this game today - thank god! I mean, I like a game with a lot to it, but this just went on way too long. It's a good game, but frustrating - like if you die you have to go all the way back to the start of each mission. Allll the way back. And it's frustrating that a huge shotgun blast will 'tickle' your Nazi enemy while a shot from a tiny silencer gun will obliterate them. Also a bit weird that the game starts off totally differently to how it continues - a bizarre and confusing beach landing thing, whereas the rest of the game is first-person-shooter. A good game, but nowhere near as good as Castle Wolfenstein.
Heroes season two: slowly getting better, and a big new storyline promised for next week (out of nowhere). Glad the Oirish people have been left behind now, but Peter's irritating new girlfriend is still around sigh.
Prison Break: This show has become very strange, and I am not sure it's working any more. I hope people are still liking it. One of the problems is the lack of decent characters. Linc and Sucre are just Linc and Sucre - whereas they could so easily exaggerate them a bit and have Linc be this huge brutal thug, and Sucre could be comic relief. Missed opportunities! Still, there's always the spin-off.

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