Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cover version

Record industry in running-out-of-ideas shocker!! (Very similar album covers released in subsequent weeks) Do record company people not talk to each other any more?


JamieB said...

I imagine if you look back further you'll see identical face shots used on Diana Ross, albums, say. If the picture makes people think "soul diva", it's doing its job, original or not... plus... you know... a bazillion people were going to buy this album whatever they put on the CD cover...I personally find that sad, but then I'm a reality-show-hating old curmudgeon... :)

Mart said...

i think Alicia's is better. but they're both shit artists. well, that's not fair. i did like Alicia's Wild Horses on her Unplugged album. But I'm sorry - Bleeding Love - what the HELL sort of song title is that???