Friday, November 9, 2007

My Heroes (no spoilers)

Ah that's better - Heroes has improved vastly. A good twist (I guessed it!) and finally, the characters are doing stuff (Niki is great).
The show still has its problems though. There really are some characters that can GO. please go away mohinder, ya can't act. And Matt Parkman - he just sucks the life out of the show. Get over it with your 'issues' and your 'I love you's'. It's a shame the show didn't have the balls to do something a little more drastic with Molly and Matt in this episode, but still - much, much better.
So next ep is a flashback one - a good idea I guess, and the trailer looks great, but I dunno if it's completely necessary? I'm sure it'll be good though, and is set to show Elle and Adam in a completely different light.
Oh, and did you guys see Tim Kring's apology for season two? lol! I thought it was just me. I was like 'why am I not enjoying Claire's romance?' 'Why am I getting bored of Hiro in the past? Do i have a heart of stone?' But no, Kring hates it too lol.


JamieB said...

I saw Kring's apology; very nice, are they going to improve things with a writers' strike on...?

Mart said...

i think the idea is that season two finishes early, and then season 3 is a fresh new start.
i found Kring's apology fascinating - he pretty much acknowledged everything that i thought was wrong with it. a dud romance, a silly HIro adventure that went on way too long (altho, really, it's the origin of another character), and interesting that he felt they should have intro'd the characters slowly like they did in season one.
but the show has vastly improved now. something has happened!!! lots of stuff has happened!!!!!

JamieB said...

There's talk of bridging the gap between now and the next full series a year from now with some "specials", isn't there? Bizarrely, this is what Doctor Who is doing after the next series because David Tennant is going off to do Thea-tah. Whodathunk US telly would take its lead from dear old Auntie Beeb? :)

It seems a lot of shows (well, Lost and Heroes, certainly) have had problems with expanding the cast going from one season to the next. Why do these shows feel the need to introduce new characters -- are they afraid they'll run out of stories to tell about the characters they already have? Then they should try fleshing out the existing characters first, methinks, before adding more, equally shallow, characters.

Mart said...

it'll be an interesting time for TV. well, apart from the fact there'll be nothing on.
it's funny how the fact that no full season between sept and april (like normal) means the end of the world. i mean, jeez, we show seasons whenever over here. just take a chill pill and show it when it's ready, i reckon!
i think the joy of any tv show is discovering the characters, and you don't have that in season two, hence the new characters. Dania Ramirez is pretty bad though. And it's a shame that Hiro, Peter, and Niki are left to do pretty much nothing interesting, while the focus is on Mohinder, Parkman and HRG (two of whom don't even have powers, two of whom i can't stand, and two of whom i don't think can act very well).
p.s. i normally avoid the 'boards' talking about my mags, and i will continue to do so, but i had a sneak look last night. 'i can't believe they used that pic of peter on the cover, that's so season one.' er, we don't have any season two images yet lol. if only they knew how it works. it's all very amusing, but i'm gonna avoid those forums like the plague.

JamieB said...

Once you've sold O-Men to Hollywood, you can write a tell-all book about your experiences in the fan-mag game -- and call it "That's So Season One." :)

As far as watching TV shows, yes, my favorite seasons of shows that I have liked down the years tend to be the first season, when every episode was a voyage of discovery -- even if I regard later seasons as of a higher quality. So I still have a soft spot for Buffy 1, even though 2 & 3 are, in my opinion, superior in most every department. (Then again, there are a frightening number of shows that, quite simply, turn to sh*t after season one...)

However, that said, surely with character-driven shows like Lost and Heroes (as opposed to situation-driven shows like the Law&Order franchise) most people want to watch characters that they have grown to love doing things that they have grown to love -- or else why do these same people obsess over this or that returning character receiving less screentime, or being sent on some alternative story arc?

Rol Hirst said...

Won't see S2 till next year... but be honest, has there been a twist in Heroes you HAVEN'T guessed in advance?

I find it enjoyable, but never surprising.

Mart said...

oh yes definitely - when Future Hiro appeared in ep 4, i was gobsmacked. that's the moment i knew the show was great.
now that season 2 has finally picked up, there was a great nasty fate for one of the supporting cast, which really left a bad taste in the mouth.