Monday, November 12, 2007

Oh, and...

Prison Break season 3 is finally picking up - and it's good to see the fans online are into it again. Bellick and T-Bag seem a bit underused though, and I'm not sure how excited I am by the small details of the escape. But Susan B. Anthony is awesome, even though I can't quite forgive her for killing ******. Let's hope she is in the Cherry Hill spin-off.
She's actually a weird character - she's damaged - but how will we ever feel sorry for her, after what she's done. As one of the PB writers says in an upcoming interview, it's quite unique to have a character that is so mental!
Oh, and L Word season 4 continues to rock. I"m loving Jodie, the deaf character, and Papi, the spanish ho, is always great fun. Awesome row episode last week on Living - Jennifer Beals is absolutely superb. She's so vulnerable but it's fascinating to see how she messes up her life constantly.
Jenny has got to go...

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