Thursday, November 15, 2007

The British Voting Public

No, this isn't about politics (ew), it's about reality TV. Why do the British public always get it wrong? Like, they're voting for Janice Dickinson to do the 'Bushtucker trials' each time on I'm A Celebrity - can't they see past the brash exterior and realise that she's actually a fascinating, entertaining, very funny person. She's too easy a target. Bloody vote for that utter lowlife Lynne Franks, for goodness sake.
At least Janice is gonna do well out of this show, I reckon. Kinda like this year's David Gest - except David Gest just proved to be awful.
It's like on Big Brother - let's vote out the big characters and end up with the boooooring people.
Omg I'm watching Janice do a live Bushtucker trail - it's hilarious! Good old Janice.

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