Saturday, July 7, 2007

Wot a Week!!!

What a week!!!!!!!!
My feet haven't touched the ground. Home to Brum last weekend, meeting old friend on MOnday, Tori on Tues and WEds (including missing my last train on Tues and getting home at 1), leaving do on Thurs and another one last night (where my friend Oz somehow mistranslated 'just a coke please, i don't want to drink, I want to go home' into a couple of double bacardi and cokes). I haven't been asleep before 1am once, I don't think - and work has been crazy - doing some interviews for a new Editor - and I wish I could talk about them here because it has been quite eventful, but I can't.
And my diet?!!! MacDonalds at the weekend (I accidentally asked for a Whopper Meal first - in MacDonalds!), greasy burger on Tues, KFC on Wednesday, burger on Thurs, chicken and chip on Fri. Wow. This is what happens when you're out and about. Anyone got the number for Weight WAtchers? And I've only just finished cleaning my flat - as it just became a total bomb site.
So wow - never been so busy - but things should calm down from now on and I should actually hopefully be able to do some bloomin' O Men!!!!!!

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