Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Six Feet O Men

six feet under has been coming back into my life a bit recently, and that's no bad thing.
i've written about this in the editorial for O Men 2.5, but basically, the issue tells about a dozen or so deaths - and when i approached the issue, i had to think about how to not make it so, well, morbid. but of course, six feet under managed it.
it's funny, because i got my friend Sina to do a 2.5 page and told him that one of the panels should like like a six feet under scene - and he went out and watched an episode - and ended up watching the whole series lol!
and i've had a sick day at home today and i think i must have watched about 6 episodes of season two - working my way thru it.
it's such a wonderful show - quite funny, just crazy characters. mother ruth is just hilarious, and rachel griffiths is just superb - what the hell is she doing as this dowdy new character in brothers and sisters? i'm just seeing again the moments when she goes completely off the rails - dabbling in prostitution and i'm sure there's a threeway scene coming up lol.
Memories of the show - I think it went off the boil a bit in season two, season three was veeery atmospheric and very depressing, season four got a whole lot better and then season five was perfection itself - with an unbelievable final episode :-)
i think i need to get another episode in before bed :-)


Rol Hirst said...

That episode where David is kidnapped and terrorized was possibly the most traumatic piece of TV I've ever seen.

Watched an episode of his new show, Dexter, the other night at the gf's... wasn't very impressed.

Mart said...

that was intense - altho someone spoiled it for me >:-(

i keep forgetting to watch dexter!!!