Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Tori and O Men

So Tori was AMAZING last night - one of the best concerts I've ever seen her do. Very rocky and very very innovative. She really turned her songs inside-out - it was beautiful. Highlights were Siren, Spring Haze, Putting the Damage On and, well, just the whole thing. And I've never seen so many people headbanging at a Tori concert lol.
It really boosted my creativity too - all night I was thinking of O men stuff - things to do. I am in two minds whether to aim for August with O Men 2.5 as, basically, I am a bit frazzled at the moment, but seeing Tori last night really invigorated me and I am gonna give it a go. A slow go, lol.
And also I went to see Tori with a very old school friend called James - who I haven't seen for 16 years. It freaked me out that he was so thin and his voice was so deep and he'd changed so much, but it was so cool to see him.
Anyway, clips and photos here of concert:


David said...
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David said...

Gah! I *knew* we'd end up at the same gig somehow - but I had no idea you'd go and see her every night. Wasn't she fantastic?

(Sorry - it's me, David Bailey. I wanted to try to log in and make it clear who I was, but Google's complicated claws are all over Blogger now, and it won't let me! Hence the deleted, then repeated, comment.)