Thursday, July 5, 2007

Tori #2

Second Tori night last night - and still brilliant. Did some of my utter favourite songs - Liquid Diamonds, Tombigbee, Doughnut Song - and did better versions of Precious Things and God than she’d done the previous night. I have to say I preferred the first night though - there was something intense, disturbing, on-edge - almost frightening about the whole thing. Maybe it was just because this tour is all new to me - but I do think last night’s songs were just kinda less energetic - especially Devils and Gods and Glory of the 80s - where she kind of just moved less. More straight-forward. You can’t really compare anything to the electifying moment on Tuesday where she forgot her lines and then just stood up and launched into a fuck-stormingly frantic version of Bliss. Plus Isabel last night - as cool as she was - just couldn’t match up to the shocking sexiness of Santa in that veeery short dress the night before. And I wanted Isabel to do Dark Side of the Sun. Also, less improvs last night and no fuck-ups, which really added to the Tuesday concert. It was great to see Beauty of Speed though - and the little grin on Tori’s face as the beautiful colour show took place behind her during that song. It was kind of a ‘hey, it all came together and it’s so pretty’ look - and it was.
Still dying to see Tori do Garlands, Roosterspur Bridge and Etienne live - will I ever see this!!!
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