Sunday, July 15, 2007

O Men sitrep

Just thought I'd pop in and chat about where I am with O-stuff.
O Men 2.5 is going surprisingly well I think, touch wood. I have 6 of the 9 contributors' pages in and they've all done me proud. I have done about 7 of my internal pages, leaving another 7 or so to do - plus all the back-up material too - there's gonna be a special anthology section at the back, featuring bios of 2.5's gang and also bits on the abandoned Stories of O anthology.
The aim is to get this one out for Caption, which I think is just about doable.
Elsewhere, 2.4 is now available, but I seem to have forgotten to do anything with it, so I need to get cracking. Having problems with Book ONe of SEason Two at the printers - not sure what's going on, but hopefully that'll be sorted soon.
So I haven't had time to do anything on my side-project, but am confident that I can get on with that in August. Am also v excited about O Men 2.6 and 2.7...

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