Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lesbian Action

I've nearly finished Six Feet Under season two and just ordered numero 3 - so in the meantime I'm catching up with The L Word Season Two (lesbo-drama). This is kind of a great show - but sort of flawed. I mean, it can be very very silly at times. Pam Grier is utterly, utterly useless in it and adds nothing to the show. Mia Kirshner - so good as Mandy in 24 - is a stuttery mess in this (everyone's stuttery and neurotic on this show) - and her character, who could have been a really intergral, sympathetic part of the show is just plain irritating. Jennifer Beals is ace - but sometimes is just too much of a silly bitch to like. So let's hope S2 is good - cos I've seen s3 and that ain't...

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