Thursday, June 7, 2007

‘Reality’ TV

So Kristina and Simon are in the Apprentice final. What a swizz. You see, apparently, it was all staged. We didn’t see this, but the story is that Simon was fired, Katie was hired and then she decided she didn’t want the job, so they brought Simon back in and re-filmed it all. So now it’s no competition – Kristina will win, not that dozy, finger puppet-like dimwit Simon.
All this fuss recently over phone-in rip-offs and racist Big Brothers – and I actually find this worse, because they’re deceiving the viewers, deliberately. This could really blow up in their faces (although it probably won’t).
And these elimination shows – they’ve got to stop deliberately getting rid of the strong contestants at the start. Apprentice was left with a bunch of idiots and demons who would never get the job. Bring back the guy from the first week, I say.
And finally, just a quick mention of Alan Sugar on the Jonathan Ross show a while ago. On the Apprentice he is this astute, impressive personality – on the Jonathan Ross show he was a bumbling, pathetic old fool. What happened? Maybe he was determined not to reveal anything about the show, and it all got too much.

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