Friday, June 8, 2007


Apologies for my bad mood of late - something triggered it a bit. If you read between the lines of a recent post you might be able to work out what it was lol ;-)
I am appalled by Emily's treatment on Big Brother. Yeah, she was stupid, but she didn't mean to be offensive. And watching Big Brother's Big Mouth afterwards sickened me a bit - everyone getting on their high horse. It's not as if she threw Charley to the ground, beat her up and said 'i hate you you f***** n******'. Emily's extraction from the house at 3am was like some kind of Nazi move. The nation needs to get a grip and come to terms with certain realities. And you know, if the word is so bad, and yes it is, then the rapper guys need to stop putting it in their songs etc. Just ban it. None of this 'we can say it, but you can't' shit.
And where do you draw the line? Using the word 'gay' to describe something as rubbish seems to be acceptable these days, but it shouldn't be.
(Martin makes a feeble attempt to address global issues, can't think of any more words, and gives up)

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