Monday, June 25, 2007

Doctor Who

my friends were all shocked this week that I actually enjoyed a Doctor Who episode. In fact, I went out halfway thru but i taped it - which is unheard of. I'm not sure why i liked it so much - maybe it's cos a lot was going on or maybe it's that John Simm was superb as the Master (I think the hardcore fans are resenting his take on the character). Martha's great, Cap'n Jack was a bit of a waste of space. But it was cool - if a bit pantomimey in places.


kelvingreen said...

The fans don't like Simm? I'm a huge Who fan, and I think Simm's brilliant in the role. Oh well.

Got the new O Men today, cheers. Great stuff.

JamieB said...

Yep, the new O-Men has arrived here too. Cracking stuff.

As for Who...I think Simm made a great villain, but I'm not sure he made a great Master -- he just wasn't...vain enough for me. I'd like to see him being a little more arch too. But, hey, as I said, he made a great villain, so not too many complaints here.

And did I mention how good the new O-Men is?

Mart said...

ah wow thanks guys. shame i still can't draw cars lol!!!