Thursday, June 7, 2007

Big Brother

Oops, news just in, my favourite contestant, Emily, has been booted out of the house for using a racist word. That’s a shame, she was my favourite. I loved her devious ways!
And bollocks was it racist. It’s not as if she said “I hate you, you ******”, she was just being silly. Sigh. They should have kept her in, warned her, and let her show that she’s not a racist and that people can learn from mistakes.
I haven’t commented much on Big Brother this year, I just don’t feel into it at the mo – maybe it’s cos they’ve messed with the format a lot. I guess it has been good though, with plenty of rows!
Here are my thoughts on the contestants:
Lesley – Excellent, love her, hope she stays
Carole – fat, boring
Laura – lovely, she should win!
Charley – ugh, horrible – but great value
Sam and Amanda – calmed down now, so less irritating. Quite sweet.
Nicky – ugh, horrible, nasty, moany. Great value!
Shabnam – irritates me. Weird face. Like an alien.
Tracey – funny. Keep arguing, luv.
Chanelle – cool, but would have been better if Emily had stayed in so they could have a nice rivalry.
Ziggy – is he attractive in any way? Yuck.

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