Monday, June 25, 2007

Brothers and Sisters

Channel 4 just started showing Brothers and Sisters last week. I quite like the look of it, but i did find the opening 2 eps a bit lacklustre. Rachel Griffiths not playing a crazy bitch? No fun. And Sally Field is too much of a drama queen for my tastes. And the concept just seems a little dull. Can't quite see the potential yet. And I so would have had Ally McBeal going out with the younger brother instead - no, not incest, just going out - good chemistry.


kelvingreen said...

Terrible. Everyone is defined, not by personality traits, but stupid pigeonholes: he's The Gay One, they're The Couple With Marital Issues, he's Been To Iraq And Is Traumatised. Horrible, lazy, writing-by-committee. And really predictable too.


Mart said...

i hear it gets better lol...
there's one scene where the gay guy's client guesses he's gay halfway thru a meeting - i had to rewind it several times to work out how exactly he guessed!!?