Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fantastic Four 2

i saw this last night, and i wasn't expecting miracles - and i didn't get them.
as with the first movie, the chemistry just wasn't there. it just wasn't right. Chris Evans was just too cocky and annoying. The Thing was just too stupid (and that loud voice burp thing was so good - not! - they repeated it twice). There was more chemistry between johnny and sue than reed and sue (altho having said that, the reed/sue chemistry is a problem in the comics these days anyway).
and there were some supremely stupid moments. what happened to Galactus? didn't they think we'd be a bit disappointed by that? why did no one tell Alicia she was standing the wrong way in the church? and Doctor Doom on the surfboard. you know, guys, if he never did that kind of thing in the comics, there's probably a very good reason. And why isn't Doctor Doom Latverian? And why did he become reduced to saying awful villain cliches in the fight at the end? And if someone told me their name was Norrin RAd, i probably wouldn't say 'Well Norrin blah blah', i'd go 'what? Norman?'
but part of me did enjoy it just a little bit - i'm not as close to the FF as i am to the Xmen, so i certainly didn't feel as homicidal as when i saw X3. and i have to say, i was in hysterics at some bits, like when sue got the flame powers and when stan lee couldn't get into the wedding. Yeah I think i was hysterical.

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