Friday, June 1, 2007

Mission Laptop III

Day 13:
This could be the day. They sent me my third laptop charger. Obviously, again, I wasn't at home to pick it up, so I had to fetch it today. As an extra challenge, it wasn't collectable from my local post office, it was at the DHL HQ in Vauxhall, an area I'm not really familiar with. So it involved getting up at 6.30am, getting the 7.30am train, and wandering around Vauxhall for half an hour. I actually spotted the place from on the train, but getting into it was another matter. It was like trying to break into a prison and of course I went completely the wrong way.
So I now have the charger. It didn't come with a plug lead, which is helpful, so I just spent my lunch hour going to a computer shop and got one - hoorah!
So could this be it? Will it work? Can I start working on O Men again after two weeks? Will I be able to hook myself up to broadband, finally after 5 months?
You just know it's all going to go horribly, horribly wrong, don't you...

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JamieB said...

You have my sympathies. I had to pick up a parcel at a Royal Mail delivery office this morning -- a double CD that some genius had put into a box over four times the size. While I was there I spied an undelivered package addressed to "Jews for Jesus" -- a somewhat, erm, "controversial" organisation. Only said package wasn't a stack of bibles, or promotional literature, or even a box of those naff T-shirts they wear; it was the latest issue of "Elle" Magazine, complete with a free pair of...sandals.

Somebody [Up There] is having a laugh :-)