Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Will it ever end???

I've finished Spandex... except i haven't! I'm going thru it over and over again and I keep spotting mistakes!
A couple of friends told me to 'now let it go' last week - just be happy with it...
But you wouldn't believe the stuff I'm spotting. Disappearing side-burns, changing costumes, faded colours that need re-tuning. Are there gremlins in my Photoshop???
Tonight I spotted that Glitter's tattoos change direction (they're supposed to be diagonal, but in some pics they just go vertical), his mask changes shape, his tattoos don't finish, and there's even an arrow on his body where I was supposed to move the tattoos down!!!! How'd I miss that???? That would have been so embarrassing if it had slipped thru. I've pasted here the wrong mask shot/wrong tattoos, the unfinished tattoos, and the arrow! D'oh!
Ah well, I think I'm getting there, and I'm sure some gaffs will slip thru (hopefully no one will notice!)
I'll keep checking for a few more days, as some really silly things are happening... Mixing up people's powers...stuff like that...urrgh


JamieB said...

Will we get a no prize if we spot do spot any mistakes? :-)

I say: take your time; release it when you're happy. It's your baby.

Mart said...

There's bound to be some mistakes! But hopefully I've spotted the worst stuff.

i just want to get it out there now. It's been 10 months. Worse than pregnancy.