Saturday, September 19, 2009


Just a short review, I won't witter on.
Finally saw Inglourious Basterds today.
It was ...interesting. Boy was it slow. Never boring, but slow. Yes, QT, we get it, you're a good film-maker, you've got style, but just get on with it.
It's definitely worth a look...but it's not a classic. And where Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill brought QT into completely new realms, this one seemed maybe too familiar - in little touches like the credits and the use of music that has appeared in Kill Bill. Plus a couple of slopply mistakes, such as 'the Bear Jew' pulping a Nazi's head nastily, and then in the next shot, the Nazi looks fairly untouched.
Brad Pitt didn't particularly impress, the 'Jew Hunter' guy was good, but should have got a nastier fate (considering a 'less evil' Nazi soldier shared the same fate).
Best thing for me was Melanie Laurent as Shonessa - just an amazing role, an amazing actress, an amazing character.
Too bad you had to wade through a way-too-long film to get thru to the good stuff.
I kind of left the movie a bit shocked and disturbed... images of Shonessa laughing manically... the nasty Nazi symbol-cutting... and ...was it just me who felt sorry for the Nazis/Hitler...????

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