Friday, September 4, 2009


I didn't get funding for Spandex 1!!!
'Too much competition'. aaargh!
I've been filling out forms since March!!!
Everyone I know who's applied for funding received it (three!)

Ah well...
I'll get it out there somehow :-)
Might just print up a modest amount instead of 1000... Put it online... Set up a Facebook page... Still do PR in mags...


JamieB said...

Hi Mart,

Sorry to hear that. Can you reapply at a future date?

Mart said...

Hi, yes I can...
It's okay... I think I'm gonna print up some copies and also just put a PDF online!
It's almost there now.

Tone said...

That's a real git about the funding. Look forward to seeing it anyhow. You doing BICS this year?

Mart said...

an it's okay... i'm still excited about some plans i've got.
i'm not sure if i'm doing BICS, we'll see.

Rich B. said...

Awww. That stinks, Mart. I'm really sorry to hear that. But you say you can reply in the future? At least that's good. Putting it online isn't a bad idea either. I'm gonna do that with one of my projects later. It's a great way to reach more people. You can reach all over that way and maybe even set up a "donate" option so that people can donate money through paypal to you. Or just sell the pdf, then print up copies later for cons.

Mart said...

Yeah I'll print up a small amount (who needs 1000 copies anyway!) and also sell it online for a quid!
i feel quite 'liberated' now... Glad I finally know the art council's decision after 5 months! Thinking of getting some A5 copies done (as with the original plan) but also getting some special A4 copies done too! I doubt I'll make any money out of it, but ah well!