Sunday, September 13, 2009

Random observations on comics

This always happens - i grab a handful of comics from work and then get loads of opinions about them which i need to 'vent', and where better to do it? So here we go...

Marvel Zombies Return
Oh just stop it.

The Marvels Project

Adventure Comics
It's issue 2, and all it is is a 'date' between Connor and Wonder Girl. Oh come on now, DC, must do better! I mean, it's all nice enough, but do you really think you're gonna 'hook' readers with stuff like this?
In general, DC just need to focus on actually telling stories, rather than going over mythology over and over again. Look at Flash... just give me a proper story, not all this alternate Flash stuff - I honestly don't give a crap.

Black Panther

Fantastic Four
It's the new creative team, and I think I'll just read work copies rather than buying it now. Absolutely loved Millar and Hitch's run, despite ending without Hitch. One major question looms over the new issue - why is Dale Eaglesham drawing everyone like they are entering a Mr Universe competition? Johnny is huge!
And one thing I love about the FF - Valeria! Such a cool character (4 year old genius). Give me Valeria over Layla ('i know stuff' bloody know-it-all) any day.

Iron Man
So Madam Masque is Miss Frost (Whitney isn't it?). That's a bit jarring seeing as Emma Frost is so huge now.


Mart said...

That comment about Valeria . .. Layla just KNEW you'd say that.

Mart said...

she's so bloody annoying