Saturday, September 12, 2009

Slowly getting there....

Well... I think Spandex is done...
I've checked it several times and can't believe some of the mistakes that snuck through (I liked Glitter's disappearing sideburns the best)... And I'm sure there are plenty more mistakes...But I think I have to draw a line under it now... Maybe just one more read through.
I pretty much know what I'm doing print wise now and I'm happy with it. I need to figure out how to create a downloadable PDF too, but I'm sure I'll get there.
And also, thanks to a suggestion from my workchum Andrew, I'll be printing out a freebie sampler - it'll be an A3 sheet folded very cleverly to include lots of mini-pages and info and two posters! Take a look at these, these will be part of the free sampler.


JamieB said...

Comics in an A3 folded sheet...? Where have I seen that before...? :-)

Loving the art and layout, 'specially on the second sheet. It's going to look fantastic A3 size. Great idea.

Not so sure about the "Drama! Shock!" etc. line, tho'... Maybe try something a little more understated...? "Living life to the max. In Spandex." maybe...?

Best of luck with the project -- put me down for one in whatever format it comes in.

Mart said...

hehe i didn't really put much thought into that line i will have a think.

you are on my list for a copy, don't worry.

JamieB said...