Friday, September 25, 2009

Spider Woman

Here's a question for you, on this fine Friday morning.
Which cover of Spider Woman 1 did you go for? The 70s porn star one where she has HUGE KNOCKERS or the one where she is looking seductive and has her legs open.
I mean, jeez, since when was Spider Woman 'cheese cake'?
oh no wait, there was that anatomically impossible New Avengers cover wasn't there - and the scene where she walks downstairs in costume and all the Avengers guy start salivating.
I mean, c'mon, I know people are generally trying to make comics more mature and write women as strong characters, but they seem to be making Spider Woman the exception.

So anyway, we finally now have the Spider Woman comic - about 2 years after it was initially mentioned (I'm guessing it got hugely delayed when Bendis decided to make her a Skrull).
I was quite excited about this. Like many people, I'd been starting to go off comics - and Walking Dead is really the only comic that makes me still go to the comic shop - but now Powers is coming back, and we've got Spider Woman too.

So is SW any good?
Well it's certainly no Alias, sadly. I'll stick with it, but SW has the most unnecessarily over-convoluted origin of any character ever (and it's still boring). I love Alex Maleev's art, but he does seem to 'cheat' by tracing everything - and there is one horrendous panel which is so 'stiff' and 'posed' that I'm amazed they actually pritned it. I might scan it later if i get the chance.

So anyway, fingers crossed it gets a lot better.

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